Accepting Applications Now for Mindful Resilience Yoga Teacher Training

A 200 hour yoga teacher training designed by veterans, for veterans.

Yoga is translated from the word yuj, which is loosely translated to the word union. We were once called to serve in uniform, so for many, being drawn to yoga is a natural transition. The brotherhood, sense of community, and sense of belonging is something we all seek after leaving our time in service.

Yoga has touched your life in some way; maybe it was to ease the mental burden of serving, maybe you enjoyed the cadence of everyone moving in sync, maybe you just liked wearing comfy clothes all day. Whatever the reason, you sought out your mat, and are now looking to take a more leadership role by way of becoming a yoga teacher.

Veterans Yoga Project has partnered with the Feathered Pipe Ranch in Helena, MT to bring to you a unique yoga teacher training experience, designed BY VETERANS, FOR VETERANS.

Whether your goal is to teach, or just deepen your mindful resilience practice, the Veterans Yoga Project 200 hr program is a first rate professional program and a powerful personal development program.

This program is made possible in part by an NFL-Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF) Salute to Service partnership to provide a “Healthy Lifestyles and Creating Community” grant.


Take the first step on the journey and learn more. Discover the program details below:


With your support, a Veteran can teach mindful resilience to other veterans.