Any yoga teacher who teaches yoga classes to veterans as a VYP Teacher must complete ALL of the requirements described below.  By completing all the requirements to satisfaction, you automatically become a member of the Veterans Yoga Project Teachers Alliance, enjoy all the benefits offered to all members and have access to all the resources. 

The following are the Requirements for ALL Veterans Yoga Project Teachers.

These forms are accessible through your YVP account. Click each link below. Log in (or create a VYP account). Fill out the form and click Submit.

Note: This policy makes clear that as VYP Teachers we have a responsibility to conduct ourselves with complete integrity and professionalism.  Respect for all persons at all times is not always easy for some of us.  That is no excuse. We must demand better of ourselves and for the veterans we serve.  That is the benefit of practicing yoga: it allows us to live more fully in alignment with our values and goals.  If behaving in accordance with the Sexual Misconduct Policy is something that you don't feel you can do, a) please do not teach for Veterans Yoga Project; b) please get some professional help to work through your challenges; and c) practice a lot of Loving-Kindness meditation, including towards yourself.

  • VYP Code of Conduct

    Note: we are insisting that headstands, shoulder stands and plow are not to be taught during a VYP class.  Research shows that these are the poses that are associated with the most injuries.

  • VYP Volunteer Agreement

Note: When you are not being paid to teach a class, you may be considered a VYP volunteer.  When you teach a class without pay, represent VYP at an event, or gather with your regional team to work on the Mission, you are considered a VYP Volunteer. 

  • VYP Teachers Alliance Agreement Not on Neon

  • VYP Paid Teacher Agreement Not on Neon

These forms must be completed and emailed to

  • Background Check

    • To complete this step refer to the invitation letter sent to you.  When you click on the direct link in the letter, you will be requested to create an account with Sterling Volunteers.  This will connect your account to our organization.  Payment for this service is optional.  Please consider make a donation to cover for the expense.  You can share the results with other non profit organization that you may volunteer for. 

    • Please do not share this link as the background check is required by invitation only.

  • Insurance Certificate

    • Must include additional insured endorsement (with VYP named as certificate holder)

    • Send a copy of your certificate to

      Note: VA employees and fee agreement teachers are exempt from this requirement.