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Simone is a retired German Army Health Corps Officer. Having majored in Pharmacy and Food Chemistry, she specialized in ecochemistry and analytical toxicology and served on two international missions.

During a period of profound challenges in life, yoga became her anchor. So finally, in 2011 she decided to embark on an intense 4 year journey to get trained as a yoga teacher at Vision Mandiram, Munich.

As a BDY/EYU certified instructor in the Krishnamacharya / Desikachar / Sriram lineage of “vini yoga” - adapt yoga to peoples’ needs, not vice versa - she strongly believes that practicing yoga is beneficial for everyone. In February 2016, she completed the Level 1 VYP training in Charlotte, NC, and she is a student in the Svastha yoga therapy program with Günter Niessen, MD, and Ganesh Mohan, MD.

Simone’s main job is currently at a pharmacy with a major focus on oncology and she runs her own avocational practice as a licensed naturopath and yoga teacher. She teaches yoga and mindfulness in preventive settings as well as for therapeutic purposes and she is actively working on introducing yoga into the German Armed Forces.

Yogasutra II.48:  “tataḥ dvandvān abighātaḥ” - through this (yoga practice) resilience toward external dualities will grow.