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Mindful Resilience is what we call the collection of mind-body practices that we teach: Breathing, Meditation, Mindful Movement, Guided Rest, and Gratitude. These tools help us breath easy, focus clearly, move freely, rest deeply, and remember what is working in our lives. As a result we become more resilient in the face of both ordinary and extraordinary challenges. In this library you will find streamable and downloadable audio files of each of the five tools of Mindful Resilience Training:

BreathMeditationMindful Movement

Guided RestGratitude

We invite you to explore the various practices (all led by Veterans Yoga Project Ambassadors and Teachers) and give us your feedback.

Pose Library

Sometimes you want to practice yoga in a sequence of movements (see the practice library above). Sometimes you want to practice poses individually. Find the pose that’s right for you in our Pose Library.

Yoga Styles

Discover all different types of yoga and find one that fits your style.

Practice Guide

Have you ever gone to a class and wished you could remember what directions your teacher gave for that one breathing pattern? Or how about where to place your feet in Warrior 1? Our practice guide is a free resource for just those occasions. Completely downloadable and printable, you can reference the practice guide for several breathing, meditation, and guided rest practices. Mindful movement practices are also introduced with pictures, alignment cues and step-by-step directions to safely move into and out of the forms (or poses). 

Click the picture to download the practice guide. 

“I highly recommend The Practice Manual to any veteran past, present, or future. PTSD is becoming prevalent among the men and women who graciously serve our country. This practice manual can be a great instrument in understanding PTSD and how yoga and mindfulness can integrate into healing modalities. There are detailed descriptions of each practice with alternatives in this easy to use manual developed for all veterans.”

— Ann Richardson, CYI, E-RYT, Owner and Director of Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga serving wounded, ill, and injured through Adaptive Yoga

Please send us an email letting us know how you are using this Practice Library and if you have any suggestions for it.

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