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Originally from Costa Rica, Monica began practicing yoga when she first moved to Washington 13 years ago.  She worked as Fitness Instructor for a few years before she earned her 200-hour Yoga certification at Shakti Vinyasa Yoga.  She is a RYT-500 and the principal reason she loves to teach yoga is because she wishes to help people experience everything that yoga has to offer. 

he believes every human being should have the opportunity to feel empowered, to be aware of themselves and the others around them, to treat themselves with the same love they treat others, and to give their bodies all the benefits that the regular practice of yoga brings.  Her commitment to continued personal growth stems from her philosophy that in order to continue to benefit her students to the highest degree, she must continue to deepen her own practice and experience, physically, mentally and spiritually.

After teaching for a few years it became clear to her that she wished to direct her energy and will into serving others.  In researching the various ways, she might help people through yoga, she discovered the Veterans Yoga Project.  The more she read about it, the more compelled she felt to help this specific group of people who have done so much for our country. 

She approaches this endeavor from a place of humbleness.  Her mind, body and spirit are open to learning new ways and methods of teaching others and helping them discover their path to inner peace.