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Yoga to Improve Your Mood

Research suggests that certain yoga postures and breathing practices are beneficial in reducing stress and subsequently reducing anxiety and depression. Depression often results in a forward leaning posture, closing down the physical body, and causing the breath to become short and shallow. The following practice is designed to open and lift the chest enabling a fuller breath, and to emphasize standing firmly on the ground instilling confidence. Feeling low energy or not wanting to move? Try this short practice to lift your spirits.


30 minute chair practice

Looking for a practice you can do anywhere? Download this 30 minute chair practice for some warmups, static forms, brief meditation and gratitude. Use of a strap, blanket, or block may be helpful during this practice.


Gear Tutorials

Gear Tutorial - Sitting

In this tutorial, we work with different types of gear to help you explore the most comfortable way to find a supported sitting position.

Warm Ups and Salutations

Sun Salutation with Perry

Sun salutations are an easy way to warm up and stretch your entire body in a short amount of time. Move along with Perry in this practice either standing or seated. Move at your own pace, with your own breath.



Lead by VYP Ambassador & Regional Director, Rebecca Smith

In this practice, Rebecca takes you through all ranges of motion. All areas of movement are explored: standing, seated, and reclined. This practice is made complete by a body scan and relaxation. 

NOTE: It may be helpful to have two blocks nearby as well as a blanket to sit on should your low back or hips need a little extra support. 



Lead by VYP Ambassador & Regional Director, Rebecca Smith

In this practice you will move through all the ranges of motion, beginning with some seated and kneeling stretches, moving to some standing and balancing forms and finally relaxation. Feel free to modify any part of this practice to accommodate where you are in the moment.


Gear Tutorial - Low Lunge

See how to use gear like blankets and blocks to support a low lunge.


Warm up Series with Brianna

Start your day or practice off by moving all of your major joints and muscles. This series can be done both seated and standing, as a standalone practice or as part of a longer practice.


Moon Salutation with Brianna

Moon salutations are a gentle way to stretch your side body while moving with your breath. These movement can be done seated or standing. Feel free to hold the poses longer than we do here, or even move a little quicker if that is what your body needs!


Lead by VYP Program Director & Regional Director, Brianna Renner

Veterans Yoga Project invites you to join Brianna for three rounds of a yoga sun salutation. Poses include: mountain, forward fold, half forward fold, lunge, plank (high push up), cobra or upward facing dog, and downward facing dog. Follow the rhythm of your breath; either the three part breath or ocean breath will work

Feel free to move through one round, all three, or just observe. This is your practice! Honor your body and where you are today.

Please send us an email letting us know how you are using this Practice Library and if you have any suggestions for it.

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