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Meditation is a practice by which we can become better acquainted with our own mental processes. The mind can be a great source of distress when it is out of our control. When we cannot slow it down, or direct it to do our bidding, the mind becomes a source of anguish and frustration. The practice of meditation allows us to gain control of the “monkey mind” so that we can use it to our benefit instead of allowing it to cause us distress. The practice of meditation gives us greater clarity and better control over our mental habits.

Comfortable sitting - It is important to spend some time finding a comfortable, alert seated position.  Find the most comfortable seated posture possible that will keep your head and spine aligned in a comfortable manner.  There are many options such as sitting on a cushion, sitting with your back up against a wall, sitting in a chair your feet on the floor, or lying on the floor if nothing else seems to work.

If you're lying on the floor, we ask that you keep you feet on the floor, wider than hips- width apart so that the knees are bent gently falling inwards towards each other.

If you are sitting on the floor, it is often beneficial to prop yourself up on as many blankets as needed so your your hips higher your your knees.


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