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mark ballinger | tuscon, az

Mark is a retired US Marine and engineer who survived a traumatic helicopter accident. He has been practicing yoga as part of his recovery since 2013. Yoga has helped him improve his flexibility, strength, and balance. He utilizes yoga, massage, and acupuncture to manage his chronic pain and takes little or no pain medication. He is passionate about giving back to the military community, especially those who served overseas, by teaching yoga classes by donation to veterans and their families. Mark’s style of teaching is simple and direct with terminology familiar to veterans. His classes are focused on breath and movement.

He completed his RYT-200 training at the Yoga Therapy College in Tucson in June 2017 and the Veterans Yoga Project Mindful Resilience training in September 2017.

Email Mark: usmcuav@gmail.com

Call Mark: 520-250-3306