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kristin little | panama city, fl

Having lived with an anxiety disorder for much of her life, Kristin began experiencing extreme panic and agoraphobia after her enlistment in the Marine Corps ended in 2007.  A diagnosis of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) led her to a combination of talk therapy and western medicine to help keep symptoms at bay.  After a PCS to Okinawa in 2014, Kristin experienced another round of anxiety and panic, locking her inside her home, crippled with fear. 

It was a private session with Rebecca Cohen where she learned simple breathing techniques.  She applied them in an instance where fight-or-flight was taking over.  It worked almost instantly and it was that moment Kristin knew yoga was the answer. 

Kristin decided to jump all in, and invested in a 500-hour RYT training program over two years to learn all she could; soon discovering that she could bring this life changing practice to other military veterans and their families.

Born a Marine Corps brat, followed by a Marine Corps enlistment and currently as an Air Force spouse, she is very familiar with the daily stresses that military life brings to the body and mind.  Kristin believes our active duty, veterans, and their families, can incorporate a yoga practice to help bring much needed respite to their hectic and quickly changing lifestyle.    

Kristin taught yoga at Kadena Air Base for two years, offering a vinyasa flow class that connects breath with body movements.  She has now relocated to Panama City, FL.  

Kristin recently completed training with Veterans Yoga Project for Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery.  Helping Veterans is her passion and she believes yoga is a beneficial addition to any service members life.

Kristin is a firm believer that a yoga practice can be modified to fit any person, to help find proper alignment and prevent injury. She believes a daily meditation practice is also the key to help calm the mind.  She is also certified to teach Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) yoga.  Kristin finds SUP yoga both challenging and fun.  Being on the water brings a new connection to the earth and offers a relaxing shavasana in ways a traditional classroom doesn’t provide.