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Jason Robles, RYT-200, is serving as both an infantryman with the California Army National Guard and an emergency wild land firefighter for the US Dept. of the Interior Bureau of Land Management and veteran organization Team Rubicon. He found yoga and mindfulness after being introduced to it as a training discipline by his coach, former SEAL Brad McLeod and SEAL CDR Mark Divine's Unbeatable Mind Academy. He earned his RYT-200 designation through the College of San Mateo's inaugural Yoga Teacher Training program.

After several years, he returned to practicing yoga after attending Veteran Yoga Project's Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery Yoga Teacher Training, with the discipline of yoga coming back to his life full circle towards his desires to serve his military and civil service communities. Jason aspires to deepen his mindfulness practice and share with other veterans, civil servants and their families to help them develop psychophysiological resiliency and connection to their sense of purpose. He is currently continuing his mindfulness practice through studies of Yoga, Sōtō Zen and the Russian Martial Art Systema.