Veterans Yoga Project conducts healing retreats for veterans recovering from stress-related challenges including PTSD. spouses and partners are welcome to attend.

These healing retreats provide veterans and their family members with instruction and practice in evidence-informed, clinically tested self-regulation techniques; Opportunities for engaging in various therapeutic recreational, and community-building social activities; Guidance with implementing healthy lifestyle choices; Education about the role of nutrition in recovery and resilience; And awareness of community-based veterans resources for post-retreat reintegration.  

During these multi-day retreats veterans learn that breathing, meditation, and other mind/body skills can significantly reduce symptoms of PTSD. Veterans participate in Mindful Resilience Training, veterans’ benefits information sessions, and other therapeutic recreational activities designed to enhance their social support and self-regulation skills.

Veterans will have the opportunity to experience the following:

  • Daily outdoor morning meditations 
  • Daily gentle movement practices
  • Guided and self guided hikes through the local trails
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Star gazing
  • Fresh, homemade meals 
  • Community building around a campfire

Veterans leave retreats with:

  • New knowledge about mental health issues and strategies for healthy reintegration into civilian life
  • Tools for self-regulation, including yoga, meditation, and other mind-body practices
  • Audio CDs and Guidebook for Mindful Yoga Therapy home practice
  • A stronger social support network with other veterans and veterans’ organizations

For more information about VYP retreats, please contact us here.

2015 Montana Retreat

“The chance to connect with others and discover that, despite our individual issues, there are ways to grow together as a group was most helpful.  The fact that we share a common background (i.e., military service) gives us a basic level of trust and understanding.  From that base, true connections and shared pain, successes and healing can emerge.”

For more testimonials and to learn more about our retreats, please check out the 2015 Montana Retreat Report below. 

2017 Montana Retreat

“I went to this retreat on a whim, trying to escape my problems for a while with the hope that i'd get a little yoga out of the deal to boot. What i got was much more than i expected; opening my eyes to glimmers of hope this retreat allowed me the opportunity to gain a different perspective, not only in regards to my own struggles and past traumas, but  to those of my loved ones as well.I was able to rekindle the fire driving me to help myself, so that i may help others and it was the  first time in a long time that i felt i was exactly where i was supposed to be. I am so appreciative of the entire VYP team, the Feather Pipe Ranch and all the veterans who took the chance. I can't wait until you get a branch out here in Montana!! Oh and the yoga was fantastic, definitely going to be doing a little yogi soul searching. :) Thank you so much and i cant wait for next time!”

For more testimonials and to learn more about our retreats, please check out the 2017 Montana Retreat Report below. 

2018 Montana Retreats

We are planning to replicate and expand our success in 2018. We will for the first time, have a four-day healing retreat for women veterans who are recovering from PTS(D) and other trauma-related challenges. We will build on the relationships we have developed with local veteran service organizations to hold space and share the healing practices of yoga with those veterans who would most benefit.

Please note: Our September 21-25, 2018: Rest, Restore & Reintegrate: A Healing Retreat for Female Veterans is now FULL. Thank you to all who have applied. 

We have two retreats planned for 2018.

One will be a four-day retreat for veterans and their families who are in recovery from PTS(d).  The second will be a retreat specifically designed for female veterans. Please make a donation here to make these retreats a reality.

Retreat Reports