home practice library - Gratitude

We invite you to take a moment right now to gently place the palms together in front of your heart, allow your head to nod forward so that your gaze comes to your heart center, and take a long, slow, deep breath.  See if you can allow that to bring your awareness to some place that feels like gratitude.  Next, we invite to acknowledge just one thing in your life that you are grateful for in this moment.  Namaste!

Gratitude Practice, Part 1

Gratitude isn't just a thought. It is also sensation in your body. Exercising sensing that not only builds a stronger mindbody muscle of control, but literally changes your internal chemistry to change how you feel and perform in life. Give it try.

Gratitude Practice, Part 2

An introduction and practice of gratitude for your body, this moment, and someone you would like to extend that feeling of gratitude to.

Gratitude Practice, Part 3 (Lotus Mudra)

Lotus mudra gratitude. In this practice, we will use a hand gesture (called lotus) to cultivate gratitude and awareness in the heart space.

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