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David Smith, 200 RYT is an US Army veteran whose yoga journey started in 2008. Spurred to action by the sudden death of a brother and the rapid deterioration of his other siblings, he began looking for ways to regain his health. He realized he could face the prospect of dying before his time or, even worse, living beyond his time, trapped in the misery of a decrepit body and clouded spirit.

 He enjoyed circuit training, Zumba and jogging, which all helped build strength and endurance but there were still something missing…an overall sense of wellness and optimism.  Yoga has helped to bring it all together…with his mind, body and spirit functioning better than 20 years ago, he has become an avid “yogavangelist.”

David’s mission as a yoga teacher is to encourage those who think they can’t “do” yoga to give it a try. He seeks to be an example that it is never too late to begin again. You’re never too old, never too stiff, never too broken.  
Dum spiro spero - While there is breath, there is hope.