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Dana draa | charlotte, nc

Dana A. Draa is currently serving as a Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST) Coordinator for the Department of Veterans Affairs- Health Administration. She is responsible for the case management of over 250 legally blind and visually impaired Veterans in the Charlotte, NC area. Among various other duties including benefits review and referral, rehabilitation interventions, developing special programs, and serving as a vision loss expert for the Salisbury Healthcare System, she is also responsible for the assessment, issuance, and training of assistive technology devices for her Veterans.

Dana served 4 years active duty in the United States Navy and 3 years in the Alaska Army National Guard. She is a Veteran of Desert Storm/ Desert Shield and the Global War on Terror.

Yoga and meditation are essential parts of Dana’s life and she advocates for it on all levels including developing local VA programs, participating in and conducting workshops, connecting Veterans to local resources, and serving on the VA’s Whole Health program. Dana just finished 365 (one full year) of daily yoga.