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15-Minute Breath Awareness & 3-Part Breath Practice

There is power in knowing that you can calm a stressful moment by changing how you breathe. In this 9 minute practice, you will notice your breath just as it is and slowly bring awareness to breathing in different parts of your lungs.  

Mental Alternate Nostril Practice

When was the last time you noticed which nostril you were breathing in or out of? In this 9-minute practice, you will learn how to be mindful of your breath just as it is, then work on focusing your attention to the breath as it flows into and out of each nostril. This practice is a great way to calm a racing mind.


Breath Awareness, Breath Expansion Practice

Being able to control your breath can be powerful. In this 11 minute practice you will become very familiar with the sound and quality of your own breath just as it is. You will then learn how to expand and lengthen each breath which helps bring on a sense of peace and presence.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

In this practice we will introduce and practice breathing through our nostrils one at a time. Don't worry; this is as weird as it gets!

Mental Alternate Nostril Breathing

A description of this very quieting breathing practice. Viewers should first watch Breathing 3.

Belly Supported Breathing

A description and instruction with a short practice of the grounding belly supported breathing.

Ujaii Breathing, Part 1

Ujaii Breathing with Matt: An introduction and brief demonstration of this very useful breathing practice.

Three Part Breathing, Part 2

In this practice, we will explain the basic concepts of the three part breath, the importance, and include a brief practice (6-8 rounds)

“My name is Sandra. I’ve been part of the Canadian Forces family for the past 26 years, including my husband Eric, children Sarah and Patrick. As any family in the military, we’ve gone through a lot of changes, emotional ups and downs, and worries. The first time I heard my husband was going on a mission for 6 months, I began feeling a lot of stress. We’d never gone through a separation for that long. I started reading books on how to cut stress out of my life.

The information that I was looking for at the time is being given to you in the palm of your hands. The only thing you need to do is the practice. These techniques in Mindful Resilience Yoga are simple and powerful. For example: “Deep breathing sends a message to the brain that all is well and cuts the stress cycle.” Wow, with the breathing practice I realized that I didn’t need to be in a relaxed atmosphere to reduce stress. It’s that simple. I started to take time every day even if I only had a minute to spare and say to myself “am I breathing in, and breathing out?” Some days that is all I needed to feel calm again.

If you would like to introduce some thing in your life that is simple but powerful that will change your life, this toolkit from the Veteran’s Yoga Project is a very good starter kit. It has worked for me and still is keeping me balanced and calm. If you open up to this program you will see positive results in no time!”
— Sandra Woods-Poulin

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