Praise for VYP During Eagles NamasDay - San Jose, CA

VYP teacher Mari Hoshizaki with John Fox and Team RWB San Jose at Eagle NamasDay 2019

VYP teacher Mari Hoshizaki with John Fox and Team RWB San Jose at Eagle NamasDay 2019

Below is the note sent to Mari after her Eagle NamasDay class.  Let it be an inspiration to all VYP teachers. Her veteran husband Pat Campbell attended the class and took the photo.
“I am writing you to thank you for stepping up and presenting San Jose Team RWB's Eagle NamasDay yoga class on Saturday 23 February.  I had never heard of the Veteran's Yoga Project nor the Yoga Alliance until you emailed me expressing a desire to work with our chapter.

I think what impressed me the most is the way you organized the class.  I love that you joined Team RWB, and you were wearing RWB gear! You recruited your veteran spouse, Pat!  You brought an assistant instructor, Renee. I specially liked the fact that you brought your friend John to be a beacon to others that have lost a limb.  I was very proud as a Chapter Captain to be able to reach out to veterans that I knew were wheelchair bound or had other life changing disabilities and offer them your restorative class with adaptation available. You brought extra mats, and blocks and straps for the adaptations.   

I have heard very positive feedback from attendees, they really like that you listened to what was going on with them, and then adapted the class to their needs. 

I am really looking forward to our monthly classes that you offered to teach for our group.  I am hoping more of your group will have the chance to work with you!”

Kathleen S. Hall, Major, USAF, Ret
Chapter Captain
Team Red, White and Blue, San Jose Chapter