Dear Friends,
I’ve just returned from another Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery training, and I find myself more certain than ever of the importance of the work Veterans Yoga Project is doing. 
I've said before that our veterans are our best assets.  Communities across the country are facing significant challenges that threaten the very freedoms our veterans have fought for. If we are to overcome these challenges, then we are going to need the best among us to help lead the way: Those individuals who have already stepped up to protect and serve. Those individuals who on average already give more time and money to community than their civilian counterparts. Those individuals who know about sacrifice, and have the training, the resilience, and toughness to lead us. Veterans Yoga Project exists to support these men and women and their families.
Our other best assets are our yoga and meditation teachers. If we are to meet the challenges before us then we are going to need our yoga and meditation teachers to help light the way. I get to see it every day. Veterans and civilians alike, answering the call to educate, heal, and serve each other; helping each other access the best inside each of us.  Helping each other remember gratitude and compassion and to keep our values in the forefront of our consciousness even when overwhelming circumstances stimulate the automatic-pilot-amygdala-fear-networks in our brains. 
It seems more important than ever for each of us to come back to ourselves, to connect with each other, and to use these assets we have to individually and collectively step forward in the world to lead. I am honored that I get to work with so many incredible people who are actively working to support that effort.  It is my hope and my intention that Veterans Yoga Project continue to grow as an organization that supports all of this good work with integrity, compassion, and wisdom. 
May 2017 let you breathe easy, focus clearly, move freely, rest deeply, and remember gratitude. 
The light in me honors and is deeply grateful for the light in you,