Adrian campbell | Director of Education


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Adrian Campbell is a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, having traveled to 27 different countries aboard two different ships (USCGC Gallatin & USCGC Morgenthau) during her 8 years of service as a Fire Control Technician. Since leaving the Coast Guard, Adrian has worked to become a Somatic Depth Psychology Doctoral Candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute, a Certified Professional Coach, Instructional Specialist, and a Reiki Master. She holds undergraduate degrees in Electrical Science and Psychology, and an MA in Depth Psychology with Specialization in Somatic Studies.

Her professional accomplishments span across more than 17 years in several different industries, including the semi-conductor industry, energy and power distribution, applied geophysics, and medical device technology. Adrian is currently the President and CEO of Chimeric Leadership Group, LLC, an organization devoted to empowering leaders to create healthy work environments for their teams.

Adrian’s relationship with Veterans Yoga Project began in 2014 when she attended both the Mindful Resilience Training and a Veteran Retreat as part of her PhD research. Veterans Yoga Project showed her a completely different side to yoga, one accepting of everyone, meeting each person exactly where they are. She saw, and experienced for herself, the healing through practice, breath, and community, that Veterans Yoga Project helps to provide veterans, and has been hooked on helping ever since. Her current scholarly research is focused on veteran well-being, specifically at the point of transition back into civilian society, and the importance of the somatic connection/bond between service members.

Adrian is a California native and currently resides in Columbia, Missouri. She enjoys traveling the world with her sweetheart (also a Coast Guard Veteran), playing with their four animal children (Boomer, Bella, Avalanche, and Halley), presenting at different scholarly conferences, and teaching as much as possible. She is passionate about working alongside her fellow veterans and the amazing civilians of VYP, to help create a better future for us all.