Veterans Yoga Project, an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, strives to maintain the honor and commitment our veterans have sworn to uphold. Program development and management, teacher training, and organizational expenses are covered by funds raised by grants, fundraising activities, and earned income from Mindful Resilience trainings and contract yoga services. The charts below show our revenue sources and income disbursement. For additional financial information, please contact our CFO Michael Calogero.

Programs Offered

We currently offer three types of programs:

  • Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery teacher training

  • Yoga classes offered to veterans (taught by VYP teachers)

  • Healing retreats

All yoga classes and retreats are free or nominal cost to our veterans.  We offer partial scholarships for veterans to attend our yoga teacher trainings.  These programs account for 86% of our expenses.

Operational Expenses

Veterans Yoga Project is, in part, a virtual organization. With that, we have expenses that aid in our effectiveness and reach. VYP's professional fees are for: web site administration, marketing and social media costs, promotional materials, software costs, liability insurance, and travel.  All costs are allocated between Programs and Operations.

Human Resources

Veterans Yoga Project relies largely on volunteer support. We have one full-time employee (our Executive Director) and several hourly contracted staff. Although we strive to pay our teachers to teach veterans’ classes in the community, a majority volunteer their time.

2018 audit reviewed revenue.png


Public contributions and Grants: 63%
Earned Income/Program Services 36%
Merchandise and Other: 1%

2018 audit reviewed expenses.png


Program 86%
Operating 11%
Fundraising 3%

Our Results

Please check out our latest monthly and annual reports. 

Monthly Program Reports

May 2019 [PDF]

Jan 2019 [PDF]

Annual Reports


Mindful Resilience Training Reports

2018 Report [PDF]

Healing Retreat Reports

2018 Report [PDF]

Subjective Pain and Distress Scores Results

2018 Second Half Results Summary [PDF]

2018 First Half Results Summary [PDF]

Older Reports are found in the reports Archive

Please take the opportunity to read the latest article from the Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health which discusses the positive effects of yoga for the armed forces.

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